Preparing For Your Appointment

Dr. Mistretta prefers first appointments to be around 60-90 minutes in length. At this visit we will discuss your medical history in detail including history of your current illness, medications used, past surgeries, past physical traumas, and any other information relevant to your health history.

Every appointment will include an Osteopathic treatment, recommendations on nutrition, exercise, supplements, and lifestyle changes if appropriate. If there is a medication or supplement that you are not currently using that Dr. Mistretta feels would be beneficial this will also be discussed.

Please bring any relevant medical information; medication list, images relevant to current complaint, medical history information.

Subsequent visits will range from 45 - 60 minutes or longer if requested.

It is suggested to wear comfortable for your Osteopathic treatment as you may need to be changing positions, and at times are encouraged to relax.

After a treatment please allow yourself a day or two to relax and stay well hydrated. Please refrain from any intense physical exercise for the remainder of the day, or longer if needed, always listen to your body's signals. You may feel sore or tired but this should be short lived.