Telemedicine Consults

Telemedicine uses HIPPA compliant, privacy secured online video chat software to host physician-patient visits. For those wanting an easier or quicker doctor's visit, this option may work well. Dr. Mistretta offers these visits to his patients to discuss Integrative medicine topics, health coaching, and low-dose Naltrexone prescriptions.

  • Whether you want to discuss diet, lifestyle, supplements, herbs, optimizing health, boosting immunity, Dr. Mistretta is here to provide educated advise and help you plan for your healthy and bright future.

  • For those wanting to learn more about how low-dose Naltrexone may be appropriate for their medical condition, Dr. Mistretta offers LDN telemedicine visits which include a prescription of LDN to Arizona residents.


Visits usually range from 30-60 minutes for first time patients, with subsequent visits in the 15-30 minute range depending on topics to be discussed.

Please inquire within for more information.